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The Logic HE features a glass front and boasts the highest efficiency of all the Logic Fires at up to 89%. The HE offers a choice of either logs, coal or white stone or upgradeable coloured glass beadΔ fuel effects (1). With both conventional and balanced flue models, the HE is even suitable for homes without a chimney!*

The Logic HE box draws cool room air into the bottom of the convection chamber (2) the cool air is warmed as it passes over the hot surfaces of the chamber and the hot air is then emitted back into the room via the top convection slot (3). Maximum heat is radiated into the room via the virtually invisible glass front (4). The Logic HE balanced flue, Coal-effect and White Stone fires have been specifically designed with reduced depth to allow for easy installation into the internal skin of a traditional cavity wall.

  • Key Information

      Logic Hotbox* Logic Convector* Logic HE
    Efficiency 60% 68.5% CF: Up to 89%
    BF: Up to 86%
    Heat output Up to 4kW (input 6.7kW) Up to 4.60kW (input 6.7kW) CF: Up to 4.50kW (input 5.1kW)
    BF: Up to 3.40kW (input 4.00kW)
    Manual versions      
    Slide control      
    Remote control      
    Fits into standard 410x560x250mm
    (wxhxd) fireplace opening
    Fuel bed options Coal Coal Coal, Logs & Coloured Glass Beads
    Convected heat      
    Radiant heat      
    Wide selection of frames      
    Natural Gas or LPG      
    Can be wall mounted      
    Variable flame colour      
    Ambient open fire      
    Glass fronted high efficiency      
    ODS (Oxygen Depletion Sensor)      
    Additional air vent required      
    Conventional Flue      
    Balanced Flue      
    Energy Efficiency Class F F B*

    *This product is not suitable for primary heating purposes.

  • Brochure

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